14" Mason Bee & Butterfly Tower, 2-Pack
  • 14" Mason Bee & Butterfly Tower, 2-Pack


    Welcome to the Pollinator 2-Pack. Add a touch of charm to your outdoor décor and Bee Kind to Your Garden with the Mason Bee & Butterfly Tower. Butterflies are some of nature’s most active pollinators, right behind bees. Use the Butterfly tower to help attract more butterflies to your garden and provide a shelter. The Mason Bee House will be an active home for non-stinging Native Bees to lay their young. Mason bees are solitary, native bees which are the most prolific pollinators on our planet. Mason bees are not aggressive like honey bees because they do not have a queen or make honey. Instead, each female Mason bee has one job in her life: To lay as many eggs as possible.


    Instructions: Mason Bee Tower

    Place in garden or hang 1.524 to 2.134 m (5 to 7 ft.) high on a wall or fence that gets morning sunlight, under an overhang if possible.

    Plant native plants and flowers nearby to draw these super-pollinating bees to the bee house. Very important for the native bees to have a food source for their young.

    Create a moist patch of soil near the bee house to have mud to protect their young.

    In autumn, store the bee house (with cocooned larvae inside) in an outdoor shed or covered location for winter. Do not store inside your house.

    In early spring, return house to original location.

    Once new bees hatch, clean out nest tubes with pipe cleaners for next season’s offspring


    Instructions: Butterfly Tower

    Hang or place your butterfly house a few feet off the ground near your garden or in a wooded area protected from the wind.

    The keyhole located at the back of the house allows it to be hung from a nail or screw.

    Lift up the side panel of the house and place twigs and leaves inside to provide cozy places for the butterflies to rest.

    Plant native, nectar-rich flowers and colorful plants nearby to draw these beautiful pollinators to your butterfly house!


    Mason Bee Tower
    Dimensions: 6.3 in. × 4 in. × 13.5 in.
    Weight: 2.5 lb

    Butterfly Tower
    Dimensions: 6.3 in. × 4 in. × 13.5 in.
    Weight: 1.35 lb

    Mason Bee Tower
    6.3 in. × 4 in. × 13.5 in.; 2.5 lb

    Butterfly Tower
    Dimensions: 6.3 in. × 4 in. × 13.5 in.; 1.35 lb


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