Alesis E-Drum Total Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit Bundle
  • Alesis E-Drum Total Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit Bundle


    Playing drums has never been more accessible! Introducing E-Drum Total by Alesis, a complete electronic drumming system in one box. This is no toy - E-Drum Total comes with absolutely everything you need to start drumming right away. First, there are the drums themselves - (4) 6” mesh-head drums that provide a realistic yet ultra-quiet feel, and can be adjusted for more or less rebound. Each one of the (3) included cymbals boasts a large 10” playing surface so you never miss a beat. The adjustable drum throne and headphones provide comfort for players of all ages. At the heart of E-Drum Total is the drum module, with 10 built-in kits and 120 high-quality sounds. All the cables and power supply to hook it up are included. Did we mention that drumsticks are included too? E-Drum Total is the perfect package for any aspiring drummer.



    (4) 6” Adjustable Mesh Head Drums

    (3) 10” Cymbals

    Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Floor Pedals

    Sturdy Metal Mounting Rack

    DM-Lite Drum Module with 10 Kits and 120 Sounds


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