always Advanced Thin Daily Liners, 200-count

always Advanced Thin Daily Liners, 200-count


Breathable Cotton Top Layer: Always Advanced Cotton Top Layer Daily Liners are designed with a breathable layer to keep you dry.


Thin and Absorbent: Made to be thin and absorbent to provide you with everyday freshness for protection so discreet you won't even know it's there.


Edge-2-Edge Adhesive: Always Advanced Cotton Top Layer Daily Liners feature Edge-2-Edge adhesive to help hold the pantiliner in place for amazing comfort.


Individually Wrapped: The pantiliners are individually wrapped for comfortable protection on the go, so you can take them anywhere.


Why should I wear panty liners?

Panty liners protect your underwear and help you stay fresh and clean, no matter if it’s against irregular periods or everyday vaginal discharge.


How often should I change my liner?

It's best to change your daily liner every four hours to help you feel shower fresh, confident, and clean all day.


How will I know if my liner needs to be changed?

Check regularly when you go to the bathroom. If you sense signs of wetness or feel any heaviness in your panties, then it might be time to change your liner.



200 Count Liners

100% Cotton Top Layer

Individually Wrapped

FSA Eligible Item


Ref: 1507103

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