Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera Wire Free Security System 4 pack w/ Total Security
  • Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera Wire Free Security System 4 pack w/ Total Security


    4 Camera System with Total Security Mount


    Enhanced Range

    Improved range and connectivity for maximum flexibility in more locations.


    4K & HDR

    Zoom in to see sharp details with Arlo Ultra's 4K and HDR advanced image quality technology.


    Color Night Vision

    See what's lurking with color night vision allowing you to see video in color or traditional black and white.


    Integrated Spotlight

    Light up the night and ward off unwelcome guests using Arlo Ultra's integrated spotlight.


    180º Viewing Angle

    See more with a wider angle lens that has auto image correction reducing the fish eye effect.


    2-Way Talk

    Listen and speak to visitors with crystal clear, full 2-way audio that reduces wind and noise.



    • Q: Does Arlo Ultra 2 output 4K resolution?

      A: Yes, Arlo Ultra 2 will output in 3840x2160 resolution at 16x9 aspect ratio.


      Q: What are the benefits of 4K in a security camera?

      A: 4K means you can see more details in every image, even when zoomed in.


      Q: Can I record and stream in 4K?

      A: Yes, Arlo Ultra 2 cameras come with a 3-month Arlo Smart trial that allows 4K streaming and cloud recording. You can also record 4K clips to a microSD card.


      Q: What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?

      A: HDR solves the problem of over exposed or under exposed images in a scene where there is both a really bright and really dark scene in the same picture. Ultra 2 determines when HDR should be utilized automatically for you.


      Q: Does Arlo Ultra 2 include Arlo Smart?

      A: Yes, Arlo Ultra 2 cameras comes with a 3-month trial of Arlo Smart, with 4K streaming and recording included.


      Q: What happens after my trial of Arlo Smart expires?

      A: You have the option to sign up for the Arlo Smart plan, or forgo a service plan all together.


      Q: After my included trial of Arlo Smart expires, what if I choose not to have a service plan?

      A: If you choose not to have a service plan, you will still be able to live stream remotely and locally, receive push notifications, auto track and zoom, and two-way audio.


      Q: When does the integrated spotlight turn on?

      A: The spotlight turns on whenever motion is detected by the camera. You can also manually turn it on and off through the Arlo App.


      Q: What does color night vision mean?

      A: Typical night time footage from security cameras are displayed in black and white. Arlo Ultra 2 can output images in color, even at night.


      Q: What are the benefits of the SmartHub?

      A: The SmartHub helps to protect your footage by adding a secure, personal network to your router. A SmartHub also helps to regulate WiFi traffic, improves battery life and comes with local storage (microSD card sold separately).


      Q: What Arlo SmartHubs or base stations are compatible with Arlo Ultra 2?

      A: You can connect Arlo Ultra 2 to a VMB5000, VMB4540, VMB4500, and VMB4000 SmartHub or base station.


      Q: What is the auto track and zoom feature?

      A: Auto Zoom and Tracking is a feature that enables your Arlo camera to digital zoom in on a moving object and follow it. This can help you see people, vehicles, and other moving objects without needing to manually zoom in.


      Q: What are the benefits of the magnetic charger?

      A: The magnetic charger provides an easy snap on charging solution.


      Q: What are some of the ways I can mount the camera?

      A: With the included mounts, Arlo Ultra 2 can be mounted indoors or outdoors - on a fence or tree.


      Q: Do the kits include mounting hardware?

      A: Yes, the camera kits include screw kits to help you mount,


      Q: Is Arlo Ultra 2 weather-resistant even when the battery is exposed?

      A: No, when you eject and expose the inside compartment of the camera, it is no longer weather-resistant.


      Q: Does Arlo Ultra 2 include a siren?

      A: Yes, a siren sound plays directly from the camera. It can be set to trigger manually or automatically when motion or audio is detected.


      Q: Just how wide is the viewing angle?

      A: The lens is a 180-degree diagonal lens, with a matching wide range for motion detection.


    What's in the Box?

    (4) Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Cameras

    (4) Rechargeable Batteries

    (1) SmartHub

    (1) Ethernet Cable

    (1) Magnetic Cable

    (1) Total Security Mount

    (3) Outdoor Mounts

    (1) Power Adapter

    (1) Quick Start Guide

    (1) Video Monitoring Decal


    At Arlo, we’re as passionate about protecting your privacy as we are about safeguarding your home and family. We are committed to supporting industry standards for data protection designed to keep your personal information private and in your control. After all, we’re here to bring you peace of mind and you shouldn’t have to give up your privacy to feel secure.


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