Aroma NutriWare Digital Food Dehydrator
  • Aroma NutriWare Digital Food Dehydrator


    The easy-to-use digital panel allows for precise time and temperature selection from 95°F-158°F and up to 20 hours of cook time.


    Large 6-tray capacity! Use the included stainless steel racks for large foods like beef jerky and the BPA-free plastic mesh trays for tea leaves, spices, and other small items.


    The front cover is fully removable, making cleanup easier than ever. Its clear plastic construction also enables you to monitor your food as it cooks.


    Extra-quiet rear fan automatically engages to prevent overheating and nutrient loss while helping to ensure even heating for perfect results, every time.


    BPA-free plastic housing remains cool to the touch and cool on your countertop throughout the dehydrating process.


    Kid-and-adult-approved fruit and vegetable chips, beef jerky, fruit leather, raw vegan breads, herbal teas and more at the press of a button!



    Digital Control

    Timer Setting

    6 Removable Stainless Steel Drying Trays & 6 Mesh Sheets

    Clear Front View Panel

    Cool-Touch White Plastic Housing with Rear Fan


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