Art 101 Platinum Multimedia Artist Set with 151-piece
  • Art 101 Platinum Multimedia Artist Set with 151-piece


    This Multimedia Artist Set includes 151 pieces of the highest quality artistic tools from Art 101’s Platinum product line. Included in your set are a variety of different mediums to explore. Our Premium Core Colored Pencils lay down smooth and pigmented on your paper and blend together with ease, making them incredibly versatile for coloring, sketching, or illustration. Your set also comes with 3 extensive learning guides, including our new and revised Painting Learning guide. If you love painting, this set also includes a variety of painting mediums, including acrylic tube paints, watercolor tube paints, and Watercolor Brush Pens. Lastly, we have included two different markers – Brush Pens and Illy Markers – to cover a variety of needs including calligraphy, doodling, fashion illustration, architectural drawing, journaling, and more. All your mediums come organized in a premium wooden organizer case, which makes it easy to store your artistic tools and transport them wherever creativity may strike.


    30 Premium Core Colored Pencils

    6 Watercolor Brush Pens

    1 Water Blending Brush

    6 Dual-Tip Illy Markers

    6 Brush Pens

    1 Charcoal Pencil

    1 Fine-Tip Perma Marker

    12 Acrylic Paint Tubes

    12 Watercolor Paint Tubes

    18 Oil Pastels

    1 Paint Palette

    5 Sketch Pencils

    1 Canvas Panel with Grey Line Design

    5 Calligraphy Practice Pages

    5 Coloring Pages

    1 Painting Learning Guide

    1 Calligraphy Learning Guide

    1 Drawing and Sketching Learning Guide

    6 Watercolor Paper Designs

    4 Paint Brushes

    25 Sketch Papers

    1 Sharpener

    1 Eraser

    1 Wooden Organizer Case


    Dimensions & More Info:

    Premium Mediums from Art 101’s Platinum Line


    Conforms to ASTM

    15.25" W x 10.5" H x 3.82" D


    Ref: 1461723

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