Barbie Girls Getaway Adventure Helicopter and Vehicle Set
  • Barbie Girls Getaway Adventure Helicopter and Vehicle Set


    Barbie® loves to travel and she's taking young minds around the world with her in her helicopter and convertible car! Imaginations can tell endless exploration stories with two Barbie® dolls in travel-ready fashions, plus two vehicles and lots of themed accessories. Load both Barbie® dolls and their luggage into the helicopter, don't forget to buckle up, then let the story take flight! 


    The helicopter is decorated in bright blues and pinks, with a rotor that spins with a push, silvery "controls" that let kids role-play piloting fun and details that give it signature Barbie® style. When the two besties touch down, they can hit the road in their cool convertible.


    The sporty Barbie® car is totally glam with a sparkly pink exterior and silvery accents, plus seating and seat belts for both dolls. Each Barbie® doll has a backpack and piece of luggage that opens and closes to store smaller pieces, like headphones, travel pillow, eye mask, smart phone and more. With two vehicles, two Barbie® dolls and tons of themed accessories, kids can take the adventure anywhere their imaginations lead.


    It's so much fun to explore the world with this Barbie® gift set because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become! Kids can collect other Barbie® dolls and accessories to expand the playtime possibilities.


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