Bear Mountain BBQ Gourmet BBQ Pellets, 40 lb
  • Bear Mountain BBQ Gourmet BBQ Pellets, 40 lb


    Our Gourmet BBQ pellets are the Pitmasters' favorite and perfect for every occasion. Whatever you're cooking, it's BBQ nirvana!

    The ultimate 'Go-To" blend. This blend truly works well with just about every type of food from fish and veggies to brisket. For new pitmasters, this is a great product to just fill the hopper and go. For expert pitmasters, this is a great flavor profile for competition-ready Ribs, Chicken, and Brisket.

    Bear Mountain BBQ Craft Blends™ make you a BBQ grill master, right in your own backyard! Our Craft Blends are a selection of 100% all-natural premium hardwoods curated to add the perfect smoke flavor to your favorite foods. Precisely blended hardwood varieties dried to 5% moisture and blended to create a consistent flavorful smoke that will take any meal to the next level of delicious.



    100% All-natural Hardwoods Crafted for Amazing Gourmet Bbq Flavor

    No Flavorings, Fillers, or Additives

    Low Moisture for the Perfect Smoke

    40 lb Bag


    Ref: 1569360

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