Bighorn 47 cu. ft. Ultimate Access Executive Safe, 75 Minute Fire Rating
  • Bighorn 47 cu. ft. Ultimate Access Executive Safe, 75 Minute Fire Rating


    Heavier means more steel and fire lining, giving you superior fire and burglary protection. At 990 lbs and 47 cubic feet (21 lbs per cubic feet), this safe boasts exceptional construction, honest fire rating, and superior value. For over 15 years, Rhino Metals, Inc. the maker of Bighorn and Rhino Safes, has consistently provided homeowners and businesses with the highest quality safes and customer service available, earning the reputation of being the “biggest bang for your buck”.


    The Bighorn UAB7144EX will give you security against fire & theft at an unbeatable value. Thicker steel (2.75 mm) and extra fire lining provides more security and fire protection, making the UAB7144EX substantially heavier than the competition. This rock solid safe features heavy bodied construction, 75-minute/1400°F fire protection, a door mounted organizer to hold pistols, ammunition and miscellaneous items; patented swing out rack to utilize the most space possible; fine styling and adjustable interior, and the industry's best residential warranty and customer service.


    Residential Limited Lifetime Warranty:

    Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Free repair or replacement in the event of an attempted or actual burglary attack.

    Free repair or replacement in the event of a fire.


    UL ® Listed Commercial Grade Type 1 Electronic Lock:

    Quick and simple code entry for access.

    Easy to program entry code.

    Up to 1,000,000 possible different codes.

    Entry codes are stored inside the safe, not in the external keypad.

    Anti-tamper auto lockout after three incorrect code entries.

    Battery accessible from outside.

    User codes are not lost when battery dies, is removed, or if keypad is damaged or removed.


    Security Features:

    Meets UL Certified Residential Security Container & Exceeds California Department of Justice acceptable gun safe standards.

    UL ® Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock.

    Thick, rigid door for added security against prying attacks, 1.5” thick formed front, 5.5” overall thickness.

    1.5” diameter door bolts securely lock the door at 14 different points for maximum protection (14 door bolts total).

    Three hardened steel plates protects the lock from drill attacks.

    Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with or removed.

    Weight: 990 lbs. / 47 external cubic feet.


    Interior Features: 

    33.44 cubic feet of interior space.

    Interior dimensions: 67" H x 40" W x 21" D.

    46 long gun slots.

    Deluxe door organizer.

    Adjustable shelving and interior walls upholstered in automotive-grade fabric.

    Predrilled for anchoring to the floor (9/16” diameter). Includes anchoring hardware for mounting to concrete floors.

    Factory installed electrical outlet.

    External hinge, 180°+ opening door provides greater access than internal hinged designs limited to only 90° of opening.


    Swing Out Gun Rack:

    Access up to 24 of your long guns without removing another gun.

    Long guns can be stored barrel up or down.

    Dramatically reduces risk of damage to your guns.

    Flexible cushioned butt and barrel rests.

    Most space-efficient and convenient way to store your guns.

    Floor storage area under rack.


    Exterior Features:

    47.0 cubic feet.

    External dimensions: 71” H x 44” W x 26” D (not including handle).

    Durable, baked-on powder coated black finish with chrome accents.

    Removable steel shipping feet.


    Fire Protection:

    75 minute / 1400°F fire protection.

    Heat-activated expanding door seal helps keep out smoke and heat.

    Fully fire lined, no uncovered hot spot areas like most internal hinge designs.



    Model UAB7144EX

    990 Pound.

    75 Minute Fire Protection Safe with Deluxe Door Organizer.

    Patented Ultimate Access Swing Out Rack.

    71" H x 44" W x 26" D.

    Electronic Lock.

    47 Cubic Ft.



    Ref: 1059041

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