Blueair Blue Pure Fan
  • Blueair Blue Pure Fan



    Cleans as it cools, Removes over 99% of airborne dust and pollen particles⁰

    Patented fan technology cools air across a 90-degree range- No oscillation required​

    Customizable fabric pre-filters

    Diva Blue and Dark Shadow included

    Single button turns the fan on/off and cycles through 3-speed settings

    Automatically alerts when it's time to replace the filter (about every 6 months)


    Customizable Pre-filter Colors

    The washable fabric pre-filter covers the air in-take area on the back of the fan and is designed to catch large particles to extend the life of the primary filter. Diva Blue and Dark Shadow included. ​


    One-Button Design

    Minimalist features are a breath of fresh air. A single button turns the fan on/off, cycles through the three-speed settings and alerts you when it's time to replace the filter.​


    Place Freely

    Move freely around your home from a desktop to the floor with the convenient handle. The balanced design is light enough to move easily, yet the low center of gravity makes it difficult to knock over.​


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