Body Glove Tandem 15' Inflatable 2 Person Paddleboard, Model  IKAYTAND21U-SICH
  • Body Glove Tandem 15' Inflatable 2 Person Paddleboard, Model IKAYTAND21U-SICH


    The Body Glove Tandem inflatable paddle board package is lightweight, convenient, and incredibly versatile. With multiple paddling configurations, the Tandem is the perfect portable and adventure companion to carry you and your gear on your next adventure.


    Endless Ways to Adventure

    The Tandem is designed to be used as a paddle board, but by simply clipping in the seat, the standup paddle board converts to a kayak. The multifunctional design of the Tandem allows for over 4 paddling configurations, from standing to sitting, the opportunities are endless with the Tandem. Great for families, couples, or solo paddlers, the Tandem truly is a versatile board perfect for all levels of paddlers. With its flat bottom hull and triple fixed-fin configuration, the Tandem offers both efficient paddling across those long flat water paddles, but also cuts through the water with ease.


    Design Features

    The package includes many features, both aesthetic and ergonomic, including a sleek silver Clear Tek Inflatable Material design and more:


    Translucent leash to match your board.

    2 removable kayak seats.

    2 adjustable 3-piece SUP paddles with additional kayak conversion blades.

    Cargo bungee with stability harness.

    Cooler Tie Down.

    Going Green- Starting in 2021 all component packaging inside the box will be made with recyclable paper products.


    Designed For Quality and Performance

    The high-quality construction and feature-rich design includes innovative elements to make your time on the water more enjoyable.


    Triple Layer Side Rails and a wide design create a stable platform that is great for beginners to advanced paddlers.

    A proprietary 13.7 cm / 5.4 in drop-stitch and carbon stringers add stability while making the kayak lighter and faster.

    2 patented water bottle and paddle holders incorporated into the center carry handle.



    Includes 2 SUP paddles, 2 kayak paddle attachments, pump, leash, dry bag, 2 kayak seats, storage bag and repair kit.

    15 ft Hybrid Multi-Person Design with PVC Construction.

    Triple Layer Stringer.

    Conversion Accessories to Paddleboard or Kayak.

    Paddle Integrated Carrying System.

    Action Camera Mount and Carry All Backpack.




    Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board:

    Length: 4.6 m / 15 ft.

    Width: 86.36 cm / 34 in.

    Thickness: 13.7 cm / 5.4 in.

    Nose Rocker: 11.43 cm / 4.5 in.

    Tail Rocker: 0cm / 0 in.

    Board Weight: 10.89 kg / 24 lbs.



    Length: 178-216 cm (70-85 in.) Adjustable

    Weight: 822.1 g (29 oz.)

    Design: 4-Piece (3 piece Kayak & a SUP T-Grip)

    Shaft: Aircraft Grade Aluminum

    Blade: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon



    Ref: 1480616

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