Brondell Swash CL1500 Bidet Toilet Seat
  • Brondell Swash CL1500 Bidet Toilet Seat


    Get the most comprehensive clean while experiencing the personalized comfort of a luxurious home spa experience. 


    Features like fully adjustable warm water washes, stainless-steel nozzle, warm air dryer, even a built-in deodorizer provide you with the next level of personal health and hygiene at the touch of a button. Discover a cleaner way to upgrade your routine and transform your toilet with an easy DIY installation with no plumber needed. 


    Stainless-Steel Nozzle

    Swash CL1500 comes equipped with a durable, ultra-hygienic stainless-steel nozzle for a cleaner wash every time.


    Warm Air Dryer

    With an adjustable warm air dryer, save money and resources on toilet paper for a cleaner and greener restroom routine. 


    Continuous Warm Water

    Enjoy the comfort of a warm water wash without putting yourself on a time limit. CL1500 includes a hybrid water heating system for continuous warm water washes.


    Automatic Deodorizer

    With an automatic deodorizer, don’t just mask those unpleasant bathroom odors but trap and remove them with the power of activated carbon.


    Personalized Settings

    With an intuitive, streamlined sidearm control and multiple wash, dry, and heated seat settings, Swash CL1500 provides a personalized bathroom experience tailored to the preferences of all users.


    Quick & Simple Installation

    Swash CL1500 comes with everything your need for an easy installation with no plumber needed. Most installs take less than 30 minutes!


    Eco Mode Operation

    Swash CL1500 includes Eco Mode operation to save energy while letting you enjoy the clean and comfort features you expect from an advanced bidet seat.  



    Available in Round and Elongated Sizes

    Stainless-Steel, Self-Cleaning Nozzle

    Continuous Warm Water

    Warm Air Dryer

    Automatic Deodorizer

    Front and Rear Warm Water Washes

    Strong Wash

    Positionable Nozzle

    Adjustable Water Pressure and Temperature

    Massage Pulse

    Nozzle Oscillation

    Aerated Wash

    Gentle Wash Function

    Ergonomic Heated Seat

    Illuminating Nightlight

    Gentle-Close Seat and Lid

    Eco Mode

    Quick-Release Seat


    A. Measure the distance from the bolt holes to the front of the toilet bowl to determine your shape:

    If A is 18" – 19½" order an Elongated Swash

    If A is 16" – 17¾" order a Round Swash

    B. The distance from the center of the bolt holes to the toilet tank must be at least 1½".

    C. The distance between the bolt holes must be 4.72" – 8.27".



    Ref: 2432178, 2432176

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