Brookstone PhotoShare 10.1” HD Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame
  • Brookstone PhotoShare 10.1” HD Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame


    Features at a Glance



    Easy-to-Use iOS/Android App

    Instantly and securely send photos from phone to frame with the free PhotoShare Frame App. Select a frame, choose the photos you love, and Send!


    Many ways to share!

    Create your own personal Social Network and share photos via the Free App, via Email, from your PC, Facebook link, or from your favorite photo management app such as Google Photos.



    Add a personal message to any photo and it will pop up on the PhotoShare Frame whenever that picture is displayed.


    Sleek HD LED Touchscreen

    High resolution Touchscreen display presents your photos in all their brilliant glory and makes it easy to access the onscreen calendar and clock as well as adjust slideshow settings, adjust screen brightness and more. No remotes, no worries.



    Receive Photos from Multiple People to Your PhotoShare Frame

    High Definition 10.1” Led Touchscreen Display

    50 Photos at a Time Can Be Sent to 10 Frames Through the PhotoShare App

    Video and Music Playback, Displays Weather, a Built-in Clock, and Calendar

    Auto-dim Feature Automatically Adjust the Frame Brightness


    Ref:  1437466

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