Brushopolis Teasedale Hair Brush, 2-pack
  • Brushopolis Teasedale Hair Brush, 2-pack



    This high-performance brush is engineered to easily create maximum volume with minimum breakage. 3 rows of 100% first-cut boar bristle, each at a different level, provide better traction than a traditional teasing brush, meaning you get more volume with fewer passes through the hair thus less breakage.

    The high-quality of the natural boar bristle is gentle on hair and extensions, evenly distributing product and your natural oils. The narrow head provides precision and control for refining everyday styles (see how in the videos below).

    Teasedale is made out of lightweight wood and the ergonomic shape makes it easy to use and carry in your bag. Go for major volume!!

    The Teasedale works great on all kinds of hair.


    How to tease with the's not what you think! Traditional back-combing from ends to roots is damaging to your hair! Using the Teasedale you pull up on a section of hair and just scoop in a “C” shape at your roots (the healthiest/strongest part of your hair) to create max volume with minimum breakage.


    Top 5 Things to do with the Teasedale, that aren't teasing! This brush is super versatile. You'll be surprised at how often you use it for things other than teasing. In fact, we put two in the pack because you'll want to keep one in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day, and because the Teasedale has a reputation for disappearing when your sister/mom/daughter/friend "borrows" it!



    BRAND: Brushopolis

    COLOR: black handle with blond + black bristle

    MATERIALS: lightweight wood + premium natural boar bristle

    LENGTH: 9 3/4 "

    WIDTH: 5/8" narrowing to a soft point

    DEPTH: approximately 1 1/8" deep at brush head

    WEIGHT: 1.2lbs



    Make your brush last, and your hair shine even more, by cleaning your brush regularly. After removing hair from bristles with a soft comb, wash with gentle shampoo and warm water, gently massaging the bristles with soapy water. If needed, use a soft toothbrush or spooly to gently scrub the brush head clean at the base of the bristles. Rinse with clean water, shake out excess water and rest brush bristles-up to air dry. We recommend brush bathtime at least once a month, depending on frequency of use.


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