Car & Driver Road Patrol 1080p Touch Duo Dash Camera
  • Car & Driver Road Patrol 1080p Touch Duo Dash Camera


    1080p Dual Dash Cam with OLED Touchscreen and modular second camera - Drivesmart™ alert system.


    Protect your side of the story

    Your Car and Driver Road Patrol® Touch Duo protects from false or overblown accident claims, questionable moving violations, and unexpected road hazards.


    Superior Video Capture

    Advanced 1080p Full HD Sony® image sensor video captures license plates with clarity and precision.


    Modular Second Camera

    Record from custom angles anywhere in your vehicle with the included secondary camera.


    3’’ OLED Touchscreen

    High-resolution touchscreen interface allows for easy menu navigation.


    Accident Avoidance System

    Alerts you when your car veers from its lane or comes within collision range of approaching vehicles. Parking Mode even starts recording if your car is struck while parked.


    G-Sensor Collision Detection

    Detects accidents & protects crucial video recordings from overwrite.G-Sensor Collision DetectionDetects accidents & protects crucial video recordings from overwrite.


    1. Rear-facing camera

    Record your car's interior: great for rideshare drivers, taxis, truckers, families, and more.


    2. Rear window camera

    Capture road activity and incidents behind your vehicle.


    3. Baby monitor

    Keep an eye on small children on your high-res OLED screen utilizing the included headrest strap.


    4. Blind spot monitoring

    Wide-angle view allows for greater awareness of neighboring highway lanes.


    What's included:

    Front Camera with OLED Touchscreen.

    Two Camera Mounts.

    Adhesive Disc.

    Extensive Mount.

    Modular Second Camera.

    Micro SD Card – 16 GB.

    User Manual.

    Car Charger with Built-In Power Cable.

    Long MSC Extension Cable.

    Short MSC Extension Cable.

    Micro USB Cable.

    Elastic Headrest Strap.



    1080p Dual Dash Cam with OLED Touchscreen.

    Modular Second Camera - Drivesmart Alert System.

    Rear-facing Camera & Rear Window Camera.

    Wide-angle View Allows for Blind Spot Monitoring.

    G-Sensor Collision Detection



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