Covap Iberico Bellota Pork Variety Pack, 5.32 lbs
  • Covap Iberico Bellota Pork Variety Pack, 5.32 lbs


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    We are offering a variety selection of delightful fresh 100% Ibérico Bellota pork in the best formats that are perfect for your grill or stovetop.

    This exclusive 100% Ibérico Bellota Meat Variety Selection offers the noblest cuts of our Ibérico pig which have an exceptional quality, unparalleled flavor, along with a unique texture and tenderness.  

    These characteristics can only come from our 100% Ibérico pigs, which graze freely on the pastures of centuries old oak trees in Southern Spain.  During the montanera period, between October – March, is when the acorns ripen in the dehesa oak groves and this coincides with the final feeding stage of our Iberico pigs.  During this stage, our pigs eat over 2,000 lbs. of acorns and this unique setting contributes to the exceptional quality and flavor of our pork.


    Included in your variety selection;
    ACORN-FED 100% IBÉRICO PORK SHOULDER MUSCLE (Secreto de Bellota 100% Ibérico) 1.33 lb
    Fan shaped and located on the inner part of the loin. The cut is highly marbled and contains little lean content: these features bestow it with a pale pinkish color and a firm silky texture which makes its flavor unmatched. 


    ACORN-FED 100% IBÉRICO PORK END LOIN (Pluma de Bellota Ibérica) 1.33 lb
    A triangular and flat outline shaped like a feather or a wing and from the front part of the loin. This is a very juicy cut thanks to its balance between flesh and fat.


    ACORN-FED 100% IBÉRICO PORK BONELESS SHOULDER (Presa de bellota 100% ibérica) 1.33 lb
    An oval shape and located above the shoulder. With a marbling which renders it juicy and pleasing to the palate.  It has an intense red color


    ACORN-FED 100% IBÉRICO PORK TENDERLOIN (Solomillo de Bellota 100% Ibérico) 1.33 lb
    An elongated and cylindrical shape.  Lean and very tender cut with a dark red color; little fat infiltration and an exceptional flavor.


    Authentic 100% Ibérico Bellota pork from Spain

    The Most premium Cuts.

    Acorn fed

    Free Range

    No added hormones

    USDA approved

    Animal welfare certified

    Ships Uncooked and Frozen


    Ref: 1482181

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