Cuckoo 2 lb. Multifunctional Bread Maker
  • Cuckoo 2 lb. Multifunctional Bread Maker


    Automatic Dispensing

    The days of waiting around to manually dispense your favorite mix-ins are over. For your convenience, the automatic fruit & nut dispenser will add them in for you!


    Crust Color

    For some, the crust is the best part of the bread! Bake it how you want with the 3 crust options : light, medium, or dark.


    Bread Size Option

    Are you baking for an entire family, you and a friend, or a party of one? Bake how much you need with the 1 lb, 1.5 lb, or 2 lb loaf size option.


    Bake it When you Need it

    Do you dream about waking up to the smell of freshly made breakfast in the morning? How about coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread after a long day of work? The delay timer allows you to schedule your bread’s completion time up to 15 hours in advance.


    Enjoy your Bread Sooner

    Can that bread finish baking any sooner? With a Cuckoo Bread Maker, it can! For those who refuse to wait “forever”, a Cuckoo Bread Maker can bake up to 20 minutes faster than others on the market!


    Easy Navigation

    The LCD display and navigation buttons will help you cycle through the wide variety of baking options.



    15 Versatile Cooking Methods

    3 Loaf Sizes & 3 Crust Color Options

    Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser

    15-hour Delay Timer & 2 Hour Quick Mode

    Non-Stick Inner Bread Pan


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