Cuckoo Micom Rice Cooker
  • Cuckoo Micom Rice Cooker


    White, Quick (reduces the cooking time), GABA, Multigrain, Brown, Porridge, Multi Cook, Slow Cook, Warm, Reheat.


    My Mode

    Select up to 16 different rice textures and flavors for you and your family to enjoy!


    Compact Design

    This 6 cup capacity rice cooker with it's low energy consumption and compact design, will take up less counter space and reduce emissions on the environment.


    Keep Warm & Reheat

    Be a professional chef in your own kitchen! Cuckoo allows you to control the time and temperature of your own dishes to create a one of a kind masterpiece!


    Fuzzy Logic & Intelligent Cooking Algorithms

    Fuzzy Logic & Intelligent Cooking Algorithms automatically adjusts time and temperature creating perfectly cooked rice every time!"



    10 Standard Cooking Settings

    “My Mode” Custom Cooking Setting

    Keep Warm & Reheat Options

    6 Cup Uncooked Rice Capacity (12 Cups Cooked)

    Includes Non-Stick Inner Pot, Rice Paddle, & Measuring Cup


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