D'Artagnan Berkshire Pork Locker Pack 15 lbs
  • D'Artagnan Berkshire Pork Locker Pack 15 lbs


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    This collection includes the following:

    8x ABF, Center-cut, Frenched Berkshire Rib Chops – 4lb

    1x ABF, Berkshire, Boneless C/T Pork Shoulder (Collar) – 4lb

    3x ABF, Berkshire St. Louis Ribs - 3 full slabs – 7lb


    Berkshire pork is already prized by pro chefs, and is gaining popularity with home cooks. The distinguishing qualities - reddish meat, rich flavor, and beautiful intramuscular fat – will make it your new favorite.


    A cooperative of family farms dedicated to traditional methods, and strict protocols of humane animal husbandry raise D’Artagnan’s Berkshire hogs.  They allow hogs to spend most of their time on pasture, with lots of space to engage in natural behaviors. No antibiotics, added hormones or growth stimulants are ever used, and these traditional methods produce spectacular pork.


    This collection is a pork lover’s dream, beginning with the frenched rib chops.  In this pack, you’ll get 4 meaty, beautifully butchered chops that are perfect for a weeknight dinner with the family, or a weekend special occasion. Each marbled and flavor-packed 8oz.chop is center-cut and perfectly portioned to be the star of your next meal.


    The Berkshire C/T shoulder, more commonly referred to as the collar, is a marvelous, highly versatile cut – it can serve more like a loin when slow braised or roasted, grilled due to its wonderful marbling, served as pulled pork for your Taco Tuesday’s, or shredded to kick up the flavor of your next casserole. The C/T shoulder is used almost everywhere in the world and is known as the “money muscle” in barbecue competitions. This cut holds in seasonings, is beautifully marbled and because it’s a working muscle, offers intense flavor. Try slicing into thin medallions, using a sweet and sour marinade like plum, tamarind, apple or ginger then grilling.


    Berkshire St Louis ribs are meatier than baby back ribs, and because they are cut thinner and flatter, are easy to prepare.  Whether smoked, slow cooked, oven-roasted or grilled, these ribs are sure to amaze your family and friends with their superb flavor and juiciness. Plan to serve about a pound per person, but know that you will get requests for seconds – which is fine because you’ll have 3 full slabs of these tasty ribs.


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