D’Artagnan Premiere Flight of Ground Meats, 8.5 lbs
  • D’Artagnan Premiere Flight of Ground Meats, 8.5 lbs


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    Reimagine your cooking with a generous sampling of premium ground meats. There’s something for every taste in this carefully crafted selection of buttery Wagyu beef, lean venison, grass-fed lamb, and nutrient-dense bison. 


    Enjoy D’Artagnan’s distinguished American Wagyu ground beef, from small family ranches in Texas where cattle are raised with humane standards. No antibiotics or hormones are used and a regulated feeding regimen rooted in Japanese tradition encourages the hallmark marbling and flavor. With a 75/25 lean-to-fat ratio, this beef has abundant flavor and luscious texture that will make the ultimate burgers, chili or meatballs. D’Artagnan Wagyu is always 100% American Wagyu ground beef - never blended with other beef breeds or fillers.
    Cervena-certified grass-fed venison comes from New Zealand where the deer are raised on vast pastures with no antibi¬otics, hormones or growth stimulants. This venison offers consistently high-quality red meat with great taste, texture and health benefits. For the home cook seeking a truly unique experience, venison fits the bill. Try it anywhere you would use beef, but be aware that it’s leaner and will taste its best when cooked to medium-rare.


    D’Artagnan’s grass-fed lamb is raised on pasture, in a humane and stress-free environment. Small flocks of young lambs graze freely on rye and clover in the lush, mineral-rich meadows of Australia’s Victoria region, which produces the country’s best lamb. Superior genetics and the best farming practices result in lamb that is distinctively clean tasting and tender – never gamey. The robust flavor is a perfect match for Mediterranean spices and recipes, or any of your favorite ground applications.


    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bison is the original free-range and good-for-you red meat. The D’Artagnan cooperative of North American ranchers allows bison to forage naturally on pastureland with minimal human interaction. Antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones are never used. Bison is a great source of lean protein and offers exceptional flavor, which can be enjoyed in chili, cheeseburgers and beyond.


    This collection of ground meats will up the ante in the kitchen, making your classic recipes even better, while inspiring your inner chef to create new and exciting dishes.


    4 packs Domestic Ground Wagyu Beef (16oz per pack)

    2 packs Cervena Gold Label Ground Venison (12oz per pack)

    2 packs Grass-fed Ground Lamb (12oz per pack)

    2 pack Pasture Raised Ground Bison (12oz per pack)


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