D’Artagnan Premium Locker Pack of Sustainable Meats 41 lbs
  • D’Artagnan Premium Locker Pack of Sustainable Meats 41 lbs


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    4 - ABF Choice Angus CC Strip Steak (12 oz)

    4 - ABF Choice Angus Tenderloin (6 oz)

    8 - ABF Choice Angus Burger Patties (8 oz)

    8 - ABF American Wagyu Beef Burger Patties (8 oz)

    12 - ABF Berkshire Pork Chops (8 oz)

    8 - ABF Air-Chilled Chicken Tenders- Certified Humane (1 lb packs)

    8 - ABF Air-Chilled Chicken Legs- Certified Humane (1.25 lb packs)

    8 - ABF Air-Chilled Chicken Wings - Certified Humane (1 lb packs)

    Portion amounts are approximate

    Product is flash frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen

    Ships UPS 2nd Day Air in two boxes


    This is the locker pack that you’ve been waiting for: a curated selection of sustainably raised meats for both everyday meals and special occasions. It features the same premium D’Artagnan beef, pork and chicken that are served by 4-star restaurants and private chefs across the country.


    The quality begins at small farms that raise animals naturally, in limited numbers.  Each one adheres to D’Artagnan’s longtime philosophy of “Never, Ever” - meaning no antibiotic, hormones, growth stimulants or fillers are ever used.


    D’Artagnan Choice beef comes from a group of dedicated ranchers who raise their Angus cattle on pastureland, with lots of room to roam. The cattle are never administered antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial substances and grow at a slow and natural pace. The grain-supplemented diet enhances the marbling for a clean beefy flavor – just the way it should be. You’ll enjoy strip steaks and tenderloin steaks along with big, juicy burgers.


    Small family ranches in Texas humanely raise Wagyu cattle and follow a grain feeding regimen rooted in Japanese tradition to encourage the abundant marbling that is the hallmark of the breed.  D’Artagnan 100% American Wagyu beef is never blended with other beef breeds or fillers. With a 75/25 lean-to-fat ratio, the buttery burgers have great flavor and tender texture, which makes them a favorite for an easy dinner.


    Berkshire pork chops round out the package. Also known as Kurobuta, this pork is prized around the world for being exceptionally tender, well-marbled, and flavorful. Berkshire hogs are raised on pasture with no antibiotics, added hormones or growth stimulants by a cooperative of small family farms in the Midwest.  They are dedicated to natural methods, creating the best environment for the pigs, and following strict protocols of humane animal husbandry.


    With three cuts of chicken – tenders, legs, and wings – you’ll be well prepared for many delicious dinners. This isn’t just any chicken – it’s certified humane Green Circle™ chicken exclusively from D’Artagnan. The Green Circle program was inspired by the common-sense philosophy of traditional farming, when chickens lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyard and pastures.  To recreate those methods, Amish farmers raise the chickens free-range with a diet enhanced by locally collected vegetables and trimmings – and never any growth hormones, arsenicals or antibiotics. Old-fashioned methods are used to create a truly modern – and tasty – chicken that makes a clean and natural choice for your table.


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