D’Artagnan Ultimate Steak Lovers Gift Box, 4.25 lbs
  • D’Artagnan Ultimate Steak Lovers Gift Box, 4.25 lbs


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    Ribeyes, Filet mignon's from beef tenderloin, and burgers… oh my! D’Artagnan’s Ultimate Steak Lovers Gift Box is here to satisfy all the carnivores in your life!


    American Wagyu Filet Mignon Steaks, 2 Steaks, 6 ounces each. American Wagyu beef offers buttery tenderness from Japanese Wagyu genetics, and robust beefy flavor from a small percentage of Certified Black Angus. It’s the best of both worlds, united in one steak.


    American Wagyu Beef Patties, 2 Patties, 8 ounces each. Like the Wagyu beef filets, our burgers come from humanely raised cattle on small family ranches in the west. The Wagyu cattle live on pasture, never receive antibiotics or hormones and are finished in the traditional Japanese way: with incremental amounts of grain that encourage their natural propensity to exquisite and abundant marbling. 75% Lean, 25% Fat


    USDA Choice Bone-In Ribeye Steaks, 2 Steaks, 20 -22 ounces each. These Choice-grade Angus steaks are wet-aged for 21 days to add complexity to the flavor. D’Artagnan’s group of dedicated ranchers raise Angus cattle on open pastureland, without antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial substances. All you get is clean beefy flavor – as it should be.


    As if 3 amazing varieties of fantastic beef weren’t enough, this gift box also comes with gourmet accompaniments to help create the perfect steak dinner!


    Black Truffle Butter is a silky creamery butter blended with real black truffles which adds a robust and earthy flavor to elevate steaks to the next level!


    Veal Demi-Glace is made from a traditional recipe using veal bones, aromatic vegetables, water, wine and nothing else, and is slow-cooked for many hours, creating concentrated flavor and silky smooth texture. The perfect base for any sauce.


    Dried Wild Mushroom Mix is packed with flavor and once reconstituted, makes a great topping on the steaks and burgers.


    Whether a steak-searing pro or recipe-reading novice, this gift is perfect for lovers of all things beef and includes helpful tips and recipe ideas to keep the meals coming (hopefully back your way)!


    Package includes:

    2 individually-packed bone-in USDA Choice Angus ribeye steaks (20-22 oz each)

    2 individually-packed American Wagyu filet mignon steaks (6 oz each)

    2 individually-packed American Wagyu burger patties (8 oz each)

    1 Black Truffle Butter (3 oz)

    1 Veal Demi-Glace (7 oz)

    1 Dried Wild Mushroom Mix (1 oz)

    Never-ever program - no hormones or antibiotics ever

    Ships frozen


    Cooking tips:

    Cook burger patties from frozen state to help ensure to prevent overcooking them

    Filet mignon steaks & burgers are recommended cooked rare to medium-rare

    Season steaks simply with salt, pepper and olive oil and allow the extraordinary flavor to shine

    Make a quick and easy pan sauce by adding the veal demi-glace in with the pan drippings once steaks are cooked. Scrape up any browned bits remaining in the pan while demi-glace is reducing. Cook until sauce is a syrupy consistency; stir in some truffle butter to finish. Season with salt and pepper if needed.


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