Dry Shine Waterless Car Wash and Wax, Dual Pile Microfiber Towel 2 Pack
  • Dry Shine Waterless Car Wash and Wax, Dual Pile Microfiber Towel 2 Pack


    Dry Shine Waterless Wash with Yellow Carnauba Wax is a premium quality, high lubricity waterless wash and wax. You can safely wash and wax your vehicle’s exterior, glass and wheels leaving a scratch-free finish in 25 minutes or less (depending on size of vehicle)! Dry Shine’s proprietary, high lubricity formula lubricates the finish while special nano-polymers help to encapsulate dirt, dust, pollen, road grime and other air-borne pollution to safely remove them off the surface instead of grinding them into the paint. Dry Shine also removes tar, bugs and even bird waste with ease, while adding a layer UV protection.

    Introducing Dry Shine Car Care Micro–cotton towel, a product designed exclusively for use with the Dry Shine Waterless Wash and Wax line of products.  By embedding cotton into our towel and combining it with a premium 70/30 microfiber weave, the result is a scratch-free mega-absorbent cloth that is washable, reusable and manufactured to last.

    *It is highly recommended to use this product as directed and with the correct microfiber cloth included.

    Wash and Wax features:

    A little goes along way – Dry Shine will detail up to 5 vehicles (depending on vehicle size).

    Great for boats & motorcycles.

    The days of dragging the hose around are over.

    No more buckets.

    No wasted water! (Save approximately 140 gallons per wash).

    No more wash mitts, rags or towels to ring out.

    Free of CFCs, silicone and it is Teflon Free.

    Dry Shine will save you time, money, water & energy.


    Microfiber Towel features:

    At 450GSM, our towel is thicker, plusher and softer and unlike anything you have used before.

    Our Advanced 2 in 1 Microfiber Towel is carefully designed and engineered to be used in conjunction with the Dry Shine line of products to obtain fantastic results.

    100% scratch-free material means perfect results every time!



    Ref: 1132644

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