EasyPrep Freeze Dried Fruits Bucket
  • EasyPrep Freeze Dried Fruits Bucket


    168 Servings in one bucket

    Just add water to pouch to reconstitute

    Can Eat Straight from pouch

    Up to 25 year shelf life

    No pots, dishes, or silverware needed


    What’s in the bucket

    Freeze-Dried Banana  (36 servings) (Country of Origin: Chile/Germany/Ecuador/Costa Rica)

    Freeze-Dried Strawberry (36 servings) (Country of Origin: USA/Germany/Chile/Spain/Turkey/Bulgaria/Morocco/Serbia)

    Freeze-Dried Peach Slices (36 servings) (Country of Origin: USA/Chile)

    Freeze-Dried Diced Apples (36 servings) (Country of Origin: USA/Chile/Italy/Poland)

    Freeze-Dried Pineapple (24 servings) (Country of Origin: USA/Chile/Costa Rica/Peru/Guatemala)


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