EnGenius Freestyl2 10 Acre Range Cordless Phone
  • EnGenius Freestyl2 10 Acre Range Cordless Phone


    EnGenius FreeStyl Systems are scalable 900 MHz cordless phone systems designed to provide users with unparalleled wireless coverage over long distances and in complex, multifloor environments. They combine a sleek design, robust and powerful technology, and an array of key features that make them perfect for use in offi ces and large home estates. FreeStyl phones are ideal for businesses with employees who roam beyond the confi nes of their offi ces or cubicles. They are especially useful for expansive properties (farms, ranches, hotels, luxury estates) where owners or staff need to stay connected over extended distances. FreeStyl is the perfect choice for users who do not require the durability of the DuraFon, and prefer a handset with a little more style.

    Users may include:

    Large Home Estates

    Farms and Ranches

    Hotels / Motels



    Extreme Range Coverage

    Up to 100,000 sq. ft. of facility coverage; up to 6 floors in-building penetration, or 10 acres in open areas


    Outperforms: 1.9 (DECT), 2.4 & 5 GHz Solutions

    High power/high sensitivity coverage penetrates concrete, wood and drywall


    Scalable System

    Single-line one-line system is expandable to 9 total handsets



    FreeStyl phones incorporate speakerphone capability and 2-way radio/wireless intercom. The intercom is private and secure, and works as a two-way radio from handset-to-handset


    Business-Friendly Features        

    Simultaneous broadcast to multiple handsets from any FreStyl handset        

    Plug directly into a phone jack on the wall or the analog port of a PBX        

    Option to operate as a standalone system or as a long-range cordless analog extension to a PBX phone system


    No Recurring Costs          

    No subscriber contracts (unlike cellular or 2-way radio licensing)           

    No monthly service charges or fees (unlike cellular and phone companies)



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