Feit Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 2-pack
  • Feit Rechargeable LED Headlamp, 2-pack


    This Feit Electric Rechargeable Multi Use Headlamp provides a bright 1000 lumens on turbo mode (40 seconds), 500 lumens, and 150 lumens on low. This versatile LED light can clip onto the included head band to use as a bright headlamp or you can clip it to clothing or a backpack to use as an emergency light. The rechargeable multi use headlamp has 3 color modes – red light to enhance night vision, blue light to cut through fog and to read maps, and a green light used for hunting and fishing since it does not spook game or wildlife. Perfect for emergencies, outdoor activities and everyday outdoor use. Micro USB charging cable included.



    3 brightness levels

    3 color lights – solid red light to enhance night vision, solid blue for reading maps and solid green for hunting and fishing

    Flashing red light

    Includes a headband

    Use as a headlamp, clip onto clothing or backpack

    Includes a micro USB charging cable



    Feit Model # HL500/2

    Lumens: 1000 lumens turbo (40 seconds), 500 lumens and 150 lumens

    Charge time: 3 hours

    Run time: 1 hour at 500 lumens and 15 hours on red, blue or green light

    Low beam run time: 4 hours

    Rechargeable 750 mAh Li-Ion battery


    Ref: 1377725

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