First Alert 0.94 cu. ft. Digital Ready-Seal  Safe, Model  2087DF-BD
  • First Alert 0.94 cu. ft. Digital Ready-Seal Safe, Model 2087DF-BD


    Fire-resistant up to 1,700 degrees F for one hour

    Waterproof seal 

    Digital media protection

    Programmable digital lock and override key

    Pry-resistant concealed hinges

    Adjustable storage shelf, key rack & door pocket

    Backed by a five-year limited warranty


    Exceptionally Resistant to Fires

    Designed to keep your documents and other valuables safe in the event of a fire, the 2087DF-BD waterproof fire safe has been classified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to withstand external temperatures of 1,700 degrees F for one hour while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees F.


    Waterproof Seal

    The safe comes equipped with a waterproof seal along the opening that keeps your valuables dry--even when the chest is fully submerged. This is great for protecting your documents if there's a fire and emergency sprinklers are triggered or during weather emergencies such as hurricanes or floods.


    Exclusive Ready-Seal™ Feature

    The Ready-Seal safe can be bolted to the floor and remain waterproof and fire-resistant with the warranty completely intact.


    Store Electronic Media and Other Valuables

    Along with important documents, you can use the 2087DF-BD to safeguard computer discs, USB flash drives, and other data storage devices. The safe has been independently verified to protect electronic media such as memory drives, CDs, DVDs, and external hard drives in a fire.


    Digital Lock and Emergency Override Key

    The 2087DF-BD comes equipped with a programmable digital lock and keypad to keep your belongings secure. The lock is simple to set up and operate. Once you insert the batteries, you can program the safe to open using any three- to eight-digit code that you like. For greater security, opening the safe requires you to enter the code and insert one of the two standard keys included with the safe. Red, yellow, and green LEDs guide you through the process.

    To prevent unauthorized entry, the 2087DF-BD is designed to lock the keypad if incorrect codes are entered multiple times. Emergency override keys enable you to open the safe without entering a code--ensuring that you have access to your valuables, even if the keypad has been locked or the batteries have run out.


    Resin Construction and Pry-Resistant Hinges

    Made of durable resin, this safe sports 6 solid-steel locking door bolts and patented, concealed, pry-resistant Delta hinges to deter thieves. Two adjustable, removable shelves allow you to maximize the space inside the safe, while the hanging key rack and door pocket let you organize your belongings.


    Product Information 2087DF-BD

    Exterior Dimensions: 17.80 by 15.00 by 19.80 inches (H x W x D)

    Weighs 83 pounds.

    Interior Measures: 12.88 by 10.38 by 13.88 inches (H x W x D)

    Capacity of 0.94 cubic feet.



    Ref: 695454

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