Fratelli Beretta Prosciutto di Parma Boneless, DOP, 15 lbs
  • Fratelli Beretta Prosciutto di Parma Boneless, DOP, 15 lbs


    Due to the perishable nature of this item orders do NOT ship over the weekend.  Orders will only ship Monday, Tuesday, for Thursday, Friday Delivery. Orders that come in after 11:00AM PST on Tuesday, will ship out the following Monday.


    Your delicious Prosciutto is dry-cured for over 14 months and reach a water activity of below 0.90 , which makes it shelf stable so do not be alarmed if the inside of the box is at room temperature when you receive your shipment. However, please refrigerate your Prosciutto after receiving it and conserve it in the fridge. 


    Ref: 1299995


    Prosciutto di Parma DOP:  The history and region of Prosciutto di Parma production are what set it apart from other prosciuttos in the world. Since Roman times, this geographically protected food became world renowned for its delicate and sweet flavor. Prosciutto di Parma can only be produced from the hind legs of specially selected heritage breed pigs raised in eleven regions of Italy according to the highest standards, on which they are monitored, inspected, and traced, approved by the Consorzio. All the producers are only located around Parma, within the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, where the mountain air is sweet, dry and aromatic.

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