Full Thread Greek Saffron 14 Gram Jar

Full Thread Greek Saffron 14 Gram Jar

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Plaza Saffron is excited to feature our ultra-premium full thread Saffron from Greece.  Grown in the north of the country in the Kozani region, with a certified color score of 200+, this is one of the best Saffron available in the world.  Greek saffron is noted for its coloring power and deep aroma.  Plaza "Full Thread" Saffron maintains its quality longer than cut or ground saffron styles.  Remember you are paying for premium quality and that will become evident as you smell and use this wonderful variety from Greece. Lab tested for purity/potency/origin right here in the USA!


Full Thread Saffron - 14 gram/jar

Hand Selected & Packed   

Features Full Length Saffron Threads

Certified 200+ Color - ISO Category #1 Saffron  

Care Guide & USA Lab Quality Results included

Shipping included: Via FedEx Ground


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