Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Razor Refills, 12-count
  • Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Razor Refills, 12-count



    (1) Razor Handle

    (12) Cartridge Refills

    3 Blades

    White Tea Moisture Bars


    How often should I change my Venus blades?
    While there is no set rule, you should replace your blades at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.


    Can I use Venus razors on my bikini line?
    Yes, Venus’ razors can be used on your bikini line. For optimal results, it is recommended to first trim the area with some scissors or a hair trimmer. Then, in a warm shower or bath, apply shaving cream and use a razor with more than three blades to shave the area. Make sure to use a moisturizer when done to keep your skin hydrated.


    What direction should I shave in?
    The shaving direction depends on the body area due to the way the hair grows. For underarms, it is best to shave from all angles (up, down, and sideways). For legs, it is best to start at the ankle and move upwards. Finally, for the bikini area, first shave in the direction of the hair’s growth (inward) and then against for an extra close shave.


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