GoECOlife 16-Sheet Microcut Shredder
  • GoECOlife 16-Sheet Microcut Shredder


    High-Level Security


    This compact personal shredder can handle 16 sheets at a time rendering any sensitive letter-size document into nearly 1,000 particles.


    For Home or Office


    This powerful shredder is stylishly designed to fit well in any home or small office.


    Microcut Advantage


    Compared to the average crosscut paper shredder which renders a standard letter-sized paper into 300-400 particles, the micro-cut shredder will turn the same document into 900 to 1,500 virtually unreadable particles! These higher security microparticles will fill up your waste bin more compactly so you empty less often!


    GoECO® Energy Saving Technology


    Virtually eliminates vampire energy waste. This machine will automatically power down soon after completing a shred job – this means it will consume virtually ZERO electricity even when on standby.


    Carbon Neutral


    This shredder is a carbon-neutral product certified as CarbonFree®* by Carbonfund.org. Its carbon footprint (which includes manufacture, distribution, end-of-life and recycling impacts) has been offset.


    GoECOlife® Lubricant Sheets


    Includes GoECOlife® Lubricant Sheets which prolongs the life of your shredder, helps prevent paper jams, reduces noise and paper dust and applies just the right amount of lubricant every time.


    Shreds Credit Cards


    Destroy old credit cards into virtually unreadable shards.


    Separate Slot for CD/DVD


    Shred your CD/DVDs in a separate slot while shredding your documents!


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