Goosebumps Slappy World: 8 Book Box Set
  • Goosebumps Slappy World: 8 Book Box Set


    Welcome to Slappy's world! Best selling Goosebumps series character Slappy takes readers on a scary fun ride in the first eight books of this series. Includes bookmark.
    Remember, it's Slappy's World--you only scream in it!


    Recommended Ages: 8+
    Format: Trade Paperbacks
    Author: R.L. Stine



    Slappy Birthday To You

    Attack of the Jack!

    I Am Slappy`s Evil Twin

    Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo

    Escape from Shudder Mansion

    The Ghost of Slappy

    It`s Alive! It`s Alive!

    The Dummy Meets the Mummy!


    Ref: 1477072

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