Hahn Fireclay 30" Reversible Farmhouse Sink
  • Hahn Fireclay 30" Reversible Farmhouse Sink


    Crafted of durable fireclay, HAHN Fireclay Series are reminiscent of vintage farmhouse sinks with its classic apron-front style. These utilitarian fixtures reflect a hard-working history and remain an iconic element in traditional-style kitchens and have become increasingly popular in contemporary spaces - creating a stunning focal point in a kitchen.

    HAHN FireClay Series are created with artisan hand-finishing techniques and high-firing temperatures, delivering a remarkably lustrous and resilient surface that is shock-resistant and will withstand heavy use over time. Fireclay is scratch, stain and chip-resistant and will not rust, fade or discolor — providing enduring beauty and durability.

    HAHN sinks are produced using the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail — including more features and components than those offered by well-known brands at three times the cost.



    HAHN authentically crafted fireclay sinks are made of a unique clay capable of being fired at extremely high temperatures — fusing clay and glaze together to create an entirely new form. This clay is found in limited regions around the world, making true fireclay sinks some of the most durable sink options. Resistant to acid, alkali, scratches and impact many fireclay sinks outlive the very spaces for which they were created. HAHN fireclay sinks are crafted with environmentally friendly materials and are completely lead free and recyclable.



    Choose between beveled or fluted apron with our reversible mounting feature.



    FireClay Finish — The extremely hard, scratch and shock-resistant surface is incredibly durable, ages well and withstands everyday use over time.

    Extra Thick — HAHN FireClay sinks are 15% thicker than comparable sinks, resulting in a quieter and more resilient sink made to last.

    Hygienic — The smooth, non-porous finish prevents bacteria growth and is impervious to household chemicals, and unaffected by acids and alkalis.



    Extra Deep Basin — The deep design of Hahn sinks are stylish and functional, allowing for large pots and pans, and hiding unsightly dirty dishes.

    Comfortable — Apron-front sinks are naturally ergonomic, allowing you to get closer and work with less strain, reducing splashes and puddles on surrounding surfaces.

    Easy-to-Clean— Stains from coffee, red wine or limescale are easily removed and require less cleaning time, fewer cleaning agents, and reduced water consumption.



    Our HAHN Sink Warranty is simple with no surprises — Our products are covered for as long as your own your home. The toughest decision you have to make is choosing which HAHN sink to install.


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