Springtime Gourmet Gift Basket
  • Springtime Gourmet Gift Basket


    This beautiful stylish basket is filled with a delicious assortment of savory snacks like Il Pane Garlic & Herb Dip Mix, Panearte Scrocchi Italian Crackers with Rosemary, Bella Campana Whole Mixed Olive, Craize Extra Thin and Crunchy Guava Crisps and Virginia Diner Salted Virginia Peanuts. And no gift would be complete without mouthwatering sweets such as, Dolcetto Wafer Rolls Strawberry Cookies, Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves, Hammond’s Lemon Cakes, Carousel Chocolate Caramels and so much more!



    5.30  oz. Café Paris Soft Nougat Fruit & Nut Bites (Poland)

    1.26  oz. Carousel Chocolate Caramels (4 pc) (USA)

    3.50  oz. Vino e Formaggio "Smoked Gouda" Cheese Spread (USA)

    3.52  oz. Ciao Italia Mini Ritelle Cranberry & Sesame Cookies (Italy)

    1.40  oz. Ahmad Tea English Tea No. 1 in Square London Box (20 ct) (Sri Lanka)

    2.64  oz. Hammond’s Lemon Cakes (3 pc) (Spain)

    1.00  oz. Il Pane Garlic & Herb Dip Mix (USA)

    5.00  oz. Silver Leaf Pomegranate Hard Candies (Mexico)

    3.50  oz. Bella Campagna Whole Mixed Olives (Peru)

    7.90  oz. Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves  (France)

    5.30  oz. Cookie Gallery Tuttino Chocolate Cream Cookies (Poland)

    1.75  oz. Craize Extra Thin and Crunchy Guava Crisps (USA)

    0.90  oz. Dolcetto Wafer Cookies Cubetti Hazelnut (Indonesia)

    3.00  oz. Dolcetto Wafer Rolls Strawberry Cookies (Indonesia)

    4.40  oz. IL Panettiere Classic Bread Sticks (Italy)

    2.82  oz. La Spiga Ciokkini Cookies (Italy)

    3.52  oz. Panearte Scrocchi Italian Crackers with Rosemary (Italy)

    1.58  oz. Poshi Artichokes Basil & Thyme (Peru)

    1.76  oz. Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs (Turkey)

    1.50  oz. Virginia Diner Salted Virginia Peanuts (USA)

    0.88  oz. Walkers Shortbread Pure Butter Rounds (Scotland)

    Natural Water Hyacinth Basket with Side Handles 22x7x7/11” (China)

    Blue and Gold Printed Ribbon 2.5” (Taiwan)


    Ref: 1536120

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