HO Sports MPH Towable with Tube Rope
  • HO Sports MPH Towable with Tube Rope


    Technology towables. Its innovative design isn’t just for looks. Using 3 spheres, the center platform is suspended above the water with only the spheres contacting the surface. This dramatically reduces surface tension and drag behind the boat. The result is a quick sliding, large tube that works equally well on rough or smooth water. The MPH comes equipped with seats for three and a special “step” handle on the side to help riders climb on from the water. Grab an MPH and get ready for the ride!  



    HO Sports Patented Sphere Technology

    Softshell Tech Top Sheet

    Seating for 3 Riders

    Padded "No-Show" Handles

    Reinforced Support Straps

    Quick Connect Tow Hook

    Boston Valves, Electric Pump and Tow Rope Included



    Maximum number of riders: Three

    Maximum combined weight of riders: 510 lbs. (231 kgs.)

    Minimum tensile strength of tow rope: 3,350 lbs. (1,520 kgs.)

    Length of tow rope: 50 feet (15.25 m) - 65 feet (19.80 m)

    Maximum boat speed: Adults - 20 mph (32 km/h); Children - 15 mph (24 km/h)


    HO Sports' Softshell technology is an abrasion resistant material for the outer cover. This soft material reduces "tube rash" often caused by traditional nylon covers. In addition, the material doesn't become hot due to sun exposure like traditional covers. This allows you to tube longer and more comfortably. 



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