Hotel Grand White Goose Feather & Down Comforter
  • Hotel Grand White Goose Feather & Down Comforter


    The all-natural blend of small white goose feathers and large white goose down clusters combine to trap heat and provide excellently, “just-right” year-round sleeping comfort. Waterfowl feathers and down from mature geese are a natural and sustainable insulation material, unlike petroleum-based synthetic fiber-fills. The end-to-end box stitching keeps the feather and down filling from shifting. The crisp 240 thread count cambric cotton barrier weave fabric keeps the filling in place.  This comforter is finished with a self-cord piping detail.


    Product Features:

    Medium-weight for All-Season Warmth.

    All-natural, sustainable fill material of Goose Feathers and Goose Down blend.

    240 Thread count 100% Cotton Cambric Cover

    End-to-end, sewn-thru construction keeps fill from shifting.

    Self-cord piping gives a strong finishing detail.

    FreshLOFT® process ensures the feather and down material is clean of dust, dirt, and allergens.

    Hotel Grand® Luxury Basic Bedding by Blue Ridge Home Fashions, Inc.

    California Proposition 65 compliant.

    Manufacturer Certified by the American Down and Feather Council, Member of the IDFB.


    Dimensions & Specifications

    Filling: 10% White Goose Down, 90% White Goose Feather.

    Fabric cover, 100% Cotton, 240 Thread Count Cambric.

    King Size 104 in. x 88 in.; 68 oz. Goose Feather and Down fill.

    Full/ Queen Size 88 in x 88 in.; 56 oz. Goose Feather and Down fill.

    Fluff comforter regularly to enhance loft.

    Care Instructions: Dry Clean.


    End-to-End Box Stitching

    The sewn-through end-to-end box construction prevents the fill from shifting, creating an even distribution of warmth and a consistent loft.



    The FreshLOFT® washing process of multiple washes and rinse cycles cleans and removes foreign particles, dirt, and allergens from the feather and down material, leaving it fresh, fluffy and with the highest level of purity. Properly cleaned down is hypo-allergenic and termed “Super Clean” by rigorous federal and international testing standards.


    240 Thread Count, 100% Cotton Down Proof Cover

    Our 240-thread count, 100% cotton cover is down-proof (keeps the natural fill on the inside, where it belongs). In addition, did you know that 100% cotton is a breathable fabric that transmits moisture away from the skin and it’s also naturally hypoallergenic.


    Hotel Grand

    Hotel Grand® Luxury basic bedding is manufactured by Blue Ridge Home Fashions, Inc. As Blue Ridge enters their 25th year in business, they’ve established themselves as one of the leading basic bedding manufacturers in the United States, specializing in down and feather products.


    American Down and Feather Council

    The American Down and Feather Council is a voluntary association of down and feather bedding product suppliers whose goal is to further the interests of the industry and maintain and improve product quality. The ADFC supports responsible down.

    ADFC is also a member of the International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) the global association of the down and feather industry. Members all sign pledges to ensure that humane practices for procuring down and feather are adhered to. As such, the ADFC upholds the IDFB standards regarding the humane treatment of birds. The ADFC’s Seal of Approval signifies that down products meet or exceed industry standards.

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