HP P500 1TB Portable Solid State Drive
  • HP P500 1TB Portable Solid State Drive


    Designed with a simple, aesthetic appearance and a shockproof and shatter-proof metal casing, the HP P500 portable SSD adopts high-performance 3D NAND flash technology and the USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C interface while being compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows/MAC OS/Android.


    Simple, Minimalist, Versatile Portability
    Smaller than a business card, the P500 is easy to carry and can be used for data storage. Bundled with a USB Type C to Type A cable and USB Type-A to Type-C adapter, it easily matches most interfaces.



    Read and Write Speeds with Up to 420 MB/s / 268 MB/s

    Includes USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C Connector, USB Type-C to Type-A Cable and USB Type-A to Type-C Adapter

    Designed to Work with Windows, Mac, and Android Systems that have a USB Type-C

    Manufactured to HP's High Quality Standards and Fully Tested and Certified in HP Laboratories


    Ref: 1805252

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