Inspire Fitness Rubber 300 lb Olympic Weight Set, Model  300ROLY SETC
  • Inspire Fitness Rubber 300 lb Olympic Weight Set, Model 300ROLY SETC


    This Inspire Fitness Olympic Rubber Weight Set is a durable, affordable, and complete weight set for your home or garage gym. With the 45 lb Olympic Bar, you can perform light work without plates - or load it with any of the 14 heavy-duty plates for heavier lift days. Knurled grips through the center of the bar secure your grip, while spring clips for the sleeves keep your plates in place. The Tri-Grip Design of the rubber plates also gives you flexibility to do a variety of exercises with the plates alone - giving you even more versatility with your set. You're ready to start training with any standard Olympic exercises, but many more with weight plates that are easy to hold and use for a variety of other exercises like rows, weighted core work, and more.


    2 x 45 LB Olympic Plates.

    2 x 35 LB Olympic Plates.

    2 x 25 LB Olympic Plates.

    2 x 10 LB Olympic Plates.

    4 x 5 LB Olympic Plates.

    2 x 2.5 LB Olympic Plates.

    7 Ft Olympic Bar.

    2 Spring Clips



    Bar Weight - 45 Lb.

    Bar Capacity - 700 Lb.

    Plate Materials - Iron encased in heavy-duty rubber.

    Plate Grip - Tri-grip design.

    Grip Diameter - 1.18 Inch.

    Sleeve Length – 16.25 Inch.

    Sleeve Diameter - 2 Inch



    Ref: 2622004


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