Instant Pot Nonstick Baking Set, 5-piece
  • Instant Pot Nonstick Baking Set, 5-piece


    Bake like a pro in your Instant Pot with this essential Instant Pot Official 5-Piece Baking Set, specially designed for use in your Instant Pot cooker! The Fluted Cake Pan has a 6-cup capacity and can be used to make cakes, plus macaroni and cheese, meatloaf & more. The Springform Pan makes delicious treats, including cheesecake, tarts, tortes & trifles--as well as lasagna, casseroles & more. These versatile pans are also safe to use in your regular oven. Use the Round Cake Pan to cook & bake foods to perfection, and use also to store and reheat. It’s safe to go right from the freezer to your Instant Pot! The Set of 2 Mini Loaf Pans make perfect sweet and savory loaves. The best part is, they are designed to both fit in your Instant Pot at the same time, meaning you can make a main dish and a side, or dinner and dessert all at once! All these pans are nonstick, which means foods stay intact when removed, and also ensures easy cleanup. Hand wash recommended.



    (1) 7” Fluted Cake Pan

    (1) 7.5” Springform Pan

    (1) 7” Round Cake Pan

    (2) Mini Loaf Pans



    VERSATILE: this set helps you bake all kinds of treats using your Instant Pot--plus all of the pans can be used in the regular oven

    OFFICIAL ACCESSORIES: specially designed to be used with your Instant Pot

    HEAT SAFE: all pieces are heat-safe to 450°F

    DURABLE: pans are built to last

    NONSTICK: for easy cleanup, and keeps foods intact

    Compatible with 6-Quart and 8-Quart Cookers


    Ref: 1518606

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