Jean Paul Clarinet Bundle - CL-700CM
  • Jean Paul Clarinet Bundle - CL-700CM


    The Jean Paul Premier Series CL-700CM offers a improvement from the standard beginning level Clarinets on the market. With its graceful bell shape barrel design, the CL-700CM produces a surprisingly professional sound. Quality controlled at the factory and bench tested before packaged, the CL-700CM offers a quality and consistency that is unmatched by its competitors.  Each Clarinet comes with its own high quality carrying case for ease of transport and a compact folding music stand, allowing each player to develop to their true potential.


    CL-700CM Clarinet is in the key of Bb

    Boehm 17 Key System

    Jean Paul mouthpiece

    Rico Reed

    Ebonite Body

    1 year manufacturer's warranty


    What's Included:

    CL-700CM Clarinet

    Contoured carrying case

    Cleaning Cloth

    Cleaning Swab

    Cork grease

    CMS-1 compact folding music stand


    Ref: 1265073

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