Jupiter Bike Discovery X5 350W Pedal Assist eBike
  • Jupiter Bike Discovery X5 350W Pedal Assist eBike


    Designed to Fit Your Life

    The Discovery is the perfect size to give you a comfortable ride in the city or on the trail. The streamlined chassis and low center of gravity give you superior responsiveness and agility while riding.


    Light Weight and Ultra Durable

    The Discovery uses a form molded Magnesium Alloy frame with no unsightly weldlines. High end materials and a low center of gravity make for the more stable ride. Folds down in under 10 seconds for transportation and storage. The built-in magnet helps it stay securely folded.


    Power When You Need It

    Add power to your pedal with 3 levels of pedal assist boost. The high torque 350w hub motor will have you speed up inclines and gives an extra push when you need it. Handle bars feature a twist throttle for even more speed, and the Discovery won't let you down with it's whopping 30 mile range.


    Concealed Removable Battery

    Charge things up when you're on the go. The Discovery features a removable battery hidden in the center frame that locks with a key. Keep it safely stored, or take it out and recharge, worry-free.


    Twist Throttle Grip

    Get power on-demand with the variable speed twist throttle grip. Achieve speeds up to 16mph speeds with just a twist of the handle. Press the button under the throttle for loud electric horn.


    Front and Rear Disc Brake

    Superior performance and smooth stopping power. The Discovery's dual 160mm stainless steel disc brakes provide even, reliable braking.


    Bright LCD Display

    Easy to read even in full daylight, the Discovery's LCD display shows you your speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and battery life all in a clean design.


    Bright LED Headlight

    Bright adjustable front headlight for low light conditions. Powered from the Discovery's main Lithium Ion battery, improves visibility & safety.


    Chain Ring Protection

    To protect the chain ring when the bike is folded, the Discovery rests on a small wheel located under the center of the frame. This wheel provides the ability to easily roll the folded bike.


    Rear Shock Suspension

    The rear suspension absorbs bumps in the road or trail, keeping your tires in contact with the ground for better control and a more comfortable ride.


    Reflective Tire Sidewalls

    Make sure you're seen in low light conditions with bright sidewall reflectors built into both tires.


    Core Ride Brakes

    Quality brakes are critical for safety. The Discovery features CoreRide disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, delivering strong stopping power even in loose terrain.


    Front and Rear Fenders

    These fenders make a tremendous difference when you are riding on roads that are wet from drizzle, recent rain, or snowmelt.


    350 Watt Motor

    The powerful 350w geared hub motor will tackle steep hills and boost the enjoyment of your ride.


    Dual Spring Saddle with Taillight

    Dual spring suspension, mesh top, middle opening for breatability, and a bright red LED taillight with 3 modes. The Discovery now comes stock with the amazing JupiterBike Upgrade Seat.


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