Kilner 6-piece Food On The Go Jar Set
  • Kilner 6-piece Food On The Go Jar Set


    The Kilner Food on the Go Set includes 6 glass jars and 6 stainless steel condiment pots for an easy and healthy way to store and transport your lunch and treats. Kilner’s unique design lets you add your salad, fruit, or dry snacks to the jar while the stainless steel cup, held conveniently in the lid allows you to store your dressings or other wet foods separately away from the other ingredients. This design feature keeps your food crisp and fresh until you’re ready to mix them and enjoy.  


    (6) Kilner Canning Jars (34 US fl. oz.)  

    (6) Stainless Steel Dipping Pots



    Ideal for storing and transporting healthy lunches and treats.

    Keeps contents crisp and fresh.

    Pot holds liquids or wet foods separately until ready to mix.

    Ideal for storing in the fridge and great for on the move.

    Stylish and practical design.


    Ref: 1534207

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