Klamath Basin Birdbath-style 16" Bubbler Fountain
  • Klamath Basin Birdbath-style 16" Bubbler Fountain


    The klamath fountain is perfect when space, or a budget, is limited. The kit includes a very realistic-looking, hand-made GFRC (concrete) “faux” bubbler that has been molded from a natural stone. It provides the durability, look, and texture of a rock bubbler without the weight of natural stone! It weighs approximately 25lbs. and is easy to position on the fountain base by hand. The “bird-bath” style bowl in the top of the rock holds about an inch of water, which then gently cascades over the sides and back into the hidden water reservoir.


    The fountain base (reservoir) is completely self-contained. It holds approximately 12 gallons of water, and the submersible magnetic-drive pump can move 370 gallons per hour. The pump, water flow adjustment valve, and hose are already pre-cut and pre-glued. No cutting or gluing is necessary! Simply hand-tighten the connections together, fill the reservoir with water, plug your pump in, sit back and enjoy your fountain!



    Tools needed: Shovel, measuring tape, level  

    Fast and simple installation, usually about 1-2 hours  

    Easy-to-follow installation guide with color photos showing step-by-step instructions  

    Low maintenance (30 min. or less per year)  

    Durable, long-lasting, leak proof design   

    Access cutout for easy entry to pump and water flow adjustment    

    Grounded power cord length: Approximately 16 ft.  

    Water flow adjustment valve allows you to control how much water flows from the fountain  

    30” hose is easy to manipulate and easy to connect to the rock bubbler  

    Approximate dimensions: 24"W x 24"L x 7"D (Base), 18” x 19” x 16”H (bubbler); Weight: 65 lbs. total

    Be sure to plug Fountain pump into a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet

    UL listed for outdoor use


    Ref: 299315

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