Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers, 2-pack, Model  R-41M
  • Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers, 2-pack, Model R-41M


    The R-41M bookshelf speakers offer maximum versatility without sacrificing performance from a small, yet elegant audio solution. Designed as main speakers for a compact living space or surround sound to support a Reference speaker system, the R-41M bookshelf speakers are the ideal choice for your home theater system.


    Key Features:

    1" Aluminum LTS tweeters

    90x90 Square Tractrix Horns

    4" Spun-Copper IMG Woofers

    Bass-Reflex via Rear-Firing Port

    Strong, Flexible Removable Magnetic Grille

    Dimensions: 11.3" x 5.75" x 7.9"



    The Keepers of the Sound Series showcases pioneering artists who are authentic, uncompromising on quality, and always remain true to their core values. They work to create powerful, emotional experiences for their fans, and Klipsch strives to recreate the same experiences through our speakers and headphones.


    Tractrix® Horn Technology

    Klipsch exclusive 90x90º Tractrix® horn technology ensures that the R-41M high frequency energy is aimed at the listener and reduces artificial reverb or filtering caused by indirect sound bouncing off of walls. Using this proprietary focused technology gives you the best clarity, dynamics, and detail from your movies and music.



    WITH KAPTON® SUSPENSION Klipsch exclusive Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) aluminum tweeter minimizes distortion for enhanced, detailed performances. Using Kapton®, an extremely light and rigid material, in the tweeter suspension provides high efficiency and improve resolution and detail. LTS tweeters are a hallmark of Klipsch speakers, making them some of the best speakers in the world.


    Spun Copper IMG Woofers

    Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofer cones are exceptionally light while being extremely rigid – providing remarkable low frequency response, with minimal cone breakup and distortion. When paired with the Tractrix Horn-Loaded LTS Tweeter, it provides speaker efficiency highest in its class.


    Sleek Design

    Exposed fasteners, low profile magnetic grilles and a scratch-resistant, textured wood grain vinyl give the R-41M bookshelf speakers a polished, modern appearance.



    Reinforced MDF construction reduces cabinet vibration for less audible coloration and improved sonic accuracy - giving you the ultimate listening experience that's built to last.



    90° x 90 Square Tractrix Horn

    4" Spun-copper IMG Woofers

    Sleek, Contemporary Appearance

    High Quality Cabinet Design



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