Klymit Insulated Double V with 2 XL Pillows
  • Klymit Insulated Double V with 2 XL Pillows


    Main Description

    The Insulated Double V is a comfortable double-wide luxury pad providing 4-season insulation and comfort for campers looking for a cozy bed for two. The body-mapped V chamber design limits air movement, maximizes comfort, and keeps your tossing and turning from ruining your partner’s sleep. Sleeping pad comes with a stuff sack for easy inflation.The Insulated Double V is paired with two Pillow X Larges featuring an advanced, self-centering X design that positions and cradles your head.


    Two person sleeping pad:

    Gone are the nights of placing two single sleeping pads side by side. The Insulated Double V is thoughtfully designed for two people to sleep comfortably next to each other on a sleeping pad. The sleeping pad is engineered to limit air movement so tossing and turning in the middle of the night doesn’t disrupt your partner.



    The Insulated Double V is inflated with the included stuff sack. Simply connect the stuff sack to the inflate valve of the sleeping pad, fill the stuff sack with air, and roll the air into the sleeping pad. Additionally, the Pillow X Large inflates seamlessly in 3-5 breaths so that you can spend your time getting some shut eye and not setting up your sleep system.


    Small pack size:

    A small pack size is essential for travel. The Insulated Double V and Pillow X Large are engineered to pack down small when uninflated. The sleeping pad packs down to 7” x 12” and the Pillow X Large packs down to 3” X 4” to fit in your pocket. The Pillow X Large packs down so small that it is the perfect accessory for hiking and travel.



    Pad Weight: 57.6 oz / 1600 g

    Pad Dimensions: 74” x 47” x 3” / 188 cm x 119.4 cm x 7.6 cm

    Pad Pack Size: 7” x 12” / 17.8 cm / 30.5 cm

    Pad Inflation: 20-30 Breaths / 10 Pumps from Stuff Sack

    Pad Fabric: 75D Polyester

    Pad R-Value: 4.4


    Pillow Weight: 3.2 oz / 91 g

    Pillow Dimensions: 12” x 17” x 4.25” / 56 cm x 32 cm x 14 cm

    Pillow Pack Size: 3” x 4” / 8 cm x 10 cm

    Pillow Inflation: 3-5 Breaths

    Pillow Fabric: Ultra-soft 30D Stretch Polyester


    Ref: 1388506

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