La Grande Galette French Butter Cookies, 1.3 lb, 6-pack
  • La Grande Galette French Butter Cookies, 1.3 lb, 6-pack


    Once upon a time in the French coastal town of St Michel Chef-Chef, a Chef Pâtissier Grellier was making delicious round butter cookies he called Galettes from his secret recipe that he baked with love in his oven. His Galettes were so delicious and popular that one day, his wife Constance had a genius idea: “Why not sell the cookies to the beachgoers visiting from Paris?” The cookies were a huge hit and the French Galette was born.


    This is the St Michel Bakery started in 1905. Since then, this family owned company brings you the very best of French butter cookies and other French pastry delights.


    La Grande Galette is inspired from an original recipe from 1905 in the tradition of French Cookie Baking. St Michel French Butter Cookies are made only from selected wholesome ingredients like free-range eggs our specialty Guérande Sea Salt.


    No Coloring, no preservatives, no hydrogenated fat and no palm oil guaranteed.



    6 Pack Total  - Each tin holds 1.3LB (600g) per pack

    Each tin holds 12 individual Pouches of 3 cookies each for freshness per pack . Total 36 cookies per tin.

    French traditional style Butter Cookies accented with sea salt

    Large round and crispy cookies stamped with the mark of St Michel’s heritage

    Premium Tin perfect for gift


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