LARUCE Ann Brush Set

LARUCE Ann Brush Set


Laruce Beauty Ann Set

Meet Laruce Beauty Ann Set -- the perfect makeup companion. There are 13 makeup brushes to slay any look and a vegan leather case to hold it all -- plus a compartment for liners or lippies. A guaranteed treat for gifting with its silk duster bag and luxury box. Curated to be great for both beginners or professionals, this set has a little bit of everything to create a flawless look. The hairs are synthetic, hypoallergenic, and luxuriously soft to the touch — perfect for all skin types.








A variety of eye and face brushes to create any look you feel like creating -- whether it’s a full on glam look or something more casual for everyday.

Comes with a vegan leather travel case where each brush has its own place holder

Brushes have Laruce signature textured, studded handle that makes it easy to hold/grip

Soft hair bristles made with the brand's own PolyFlex Fiber technology for excellent application



“I am dying with how incredible these brushes are! I always expect the reviews for something to be exaggerating a little, but these brushes live up to the hype! Good weight, sturdy but not crazy heavy. The density of these brushes is perfect. I can’t not tell you how often I have a contour brush that is no where near as dense as it should be. And this brush set is a perfect base set, there is not one brush I will not use. Ps: i LOVE that the spoolie is on its own handle and not just at the bottom of another brush. Keeps it clean and usable.” -MidoriO



Who are we?

We are a band of misfits who have designed and created a clean luxury brand. With our vegan and cruelty free products, we want you to experience the Lifestyle that is LARUCE: the feeling of enjoyment, excitement, and passion! Our founder Mike created the LARUCE monogram for his wife and daughters, to signify Strength, Power, and Courage. Although our monogram was created for his wife and daughters, our wish is for it to be a shield to ALL who want to live authentically in the LARUCE lifestyle.



(13) Makeup Brushes

(1) Vegan Leather Case

Brushes Offer A Non-Slip Black Rubber Handle

Vegan, Cruelty-free, Hypoallergenic, Synthetic


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