Leatherman REV + Style CS Multitool 2-Piece Combo Pack
  • Leatherman REV + Style CS Multitool 2-Piece Combo Pack


    The Leatherman REV/Style CS multi-tool 2-Piece combo pack features easy to use tools for all DYI and other jobs to make things quick and easy.


    Package Includes

    Style CS tool

    REV tool


    REV:  14 tools in one, easy handheld multi-purpose tool with needlenose pliers, regular pliers, hard wire cutters, wire cutters, wire stripper, knife, package opener, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood file, Phillips screwdriver, medium screw driver, and small screwdriver


    Style CS:  6 tools in a smaller handheld with knife, spring-action scissors, flat head & Phillips screwdrivers, tweezers, nail file, and carabiner bottler opener


    Ref: 1832942

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