Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kit 4'x 4' with Sunbrella Roof Cover
  • Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kit 4'x 4' with Sunbrella Roof Cover


    Lucky Dog Pet Resort gives you a quick, stylish and secure way to set up shop for your pet on your patio, in the yard or anywhere you want them to be part of the action. This bundle comes with a premium Sunbrella canopy cover which can be easily installed and you'll be sure to love Lucky Dog’s inviting design, ease-of-cleaning, and long-lasting performance. Pamper your favorite companion with the best in weather-resistance, UV-protection, color-stability, and mold-resistance cover. Of course, all of our Lucky Dog® products are mindfully made and crafted to the highest quality. No aluminum here. The frame is built of 100% commercial grade steel, fully welded at the seams for maximum strength. Two applications of eco-friendly Tiger Drylac® powder-coating gives finesse to the finish.


    48"x 48"x 52"

    EASY SETUP: Assembles in minutes with modular, sturdy and simple DIY design. No extra tools required.

    STRONG & RUST RESISTANT: Commercial-grade steel frame, double-coated with durable Tiger Drylac® finish.

    ACCESSIBLE: Convenient access to the inside through a solid latching swing gate.

    PREMIUM QUALITY: Durable Sunbrella® fabric that is mold, stain and wear-resistant.

    PREMIUM PROTECTION: Shelter your dog from the sun, rain, snow, and debris.

    EASY TO CLEAN: Sunbrella fabric is safe to clean with a diluted bleach solution.


    Pets are very comfortable in the safety enclosure: however, it is suggested that there be a brief introduction period to acclimate your pet. To begin this process, place your pet in the kennel for short periods of time (10-20 minutes) throughout the day while you are able to obeserve their behavior. If your pet begins to show signs of discomfort or nervousness (e.g., barking or whining) administer verbal correction from a distance. As the training continues, gradually increase the duration of stays inside the kennel until the pet has become completely comfortable with their new surroundings. Providing play things for your pet will help to comfort them. Also, ensure that clean and adequate water and food is available at all times. REMEMBER, verbal and physical affection will aid your pet to be completely satisfied with their new safety enclosure.



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