Manna 26pc SS Straw Set
  • Manna 26pc SS Straw Set


    Use reusable straws to reduce plastic waste! This 26 piece reusable stainless steel straw set includes 20 stainless steel straws in various sizes to fit cups and tumblers of all shapes and sizes with removable Antimicrobial soft touch silicone tips, 4 straw cleaners and 2 carry pouches to store and bring on-the-go. The durable and rustproof 18/8 stainless steel material of the straws can withstand daily use and can be cleaned easily with a straw cleaner or put in the dishwasher to reuse and reduce the use of plastic waste.   


    Reusable and eco-friendly 18/8 stainless steel straws of all sizes with interchangeable and removable Antimicrobial soft touch silicone tips

    Includes a carry pouch for on-the-go and 2 cleaning straws to keep straws clean

    Dishwasher safe straws and silicone tips

    Food safe soft touch Antimicrobial silicone tips provide a comfortable drinking experience

    Rust proof and scratch proof

    No metal odors or aftertaste

    Four 8.5in straight straws, Four 8.5in bent straws

    Four 10.5in straight straws, Four 10.5in bent straws

    Four 10in smoothie straws

    BPA & lead free



    (20) reusable stainless steel straws with

    (20) removable silicone soft touch tips

    (8)  8.5in straws

    (8)  10.5in straws

    (4)  10in smoothie straws for thicker drinks

    (2)  carry pouches

    (4)  straw cleaners


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